Crime Scene Cleaning

Fast Crime Scene Cleanup

In the aftermath of an unattended death, suicide, accident or homicide, the removal and cleanup of blood and body fluids left behind becomes the responsibility of the victims family. Very few cleaning companies in Arizona handle this kind of work.

“We care, support, understand, and offer peace of mind”
Helping Hand Restoration Trauma Bio-Cleaners serving the Phoenix, Arizona metro area possess both the special knowledge and expertise to do such an emotionally and physically draining cleaning job. When Helping Hand arrives, we will immediately go to work, cleaning and removing body fluids, blood and odor.

Crime scene / trauma scene cleanup requires professional biohazard cleaning to remove dangerous contaminated materials left behind at the scene of a death. People pass everyday, sometimes alone and un-discovered at home. Others suffer through long-term illnesses, with no support from family or friends. Helping Hand Restoration will restore the scene to its previous state.

Biohazard, Death, and Blood Clean up in Arizona
Our job is to remove any biohazardous material that may have resulted from a traumatic event. Blood or tissue at a crime scene is considered a potential source of infection (federal regulations deem all bodily fluids as biohazard). Our experts have the skills and knowledge to safely handle and remove biohazard material. We know what to look for at a trauma scene.

Simply cleaning a carpet or floor does eliminate possible contaminated areas. Our crime scene experts are trained to understand federal guidelines that dictate transportation and disposal of biohazard waste appropriately. We posses necessary permits, training, and willingness to handle material that may be extremely upsetting to others.

Our construction background gives us the ability to understand the dynamics of a trauma or crime scene clean-up. Some trauma scenes require walls and built-in structures to be removed. Helping Hand offers our clients the fortitude, strength, and emotional detachment to successfully complete a difficult situation.

Helping Hand trauma scene cleaners handle all types of messy situations (bloody fingerprints, decayed tissue, and extracting hair from disgusting drains) that can be dangerous, nauseating, and emotionally draining.

Arizona Trauma Cleanup Services: 602-953-5663

Biohazard Cleanup, Decomposition Odor, Unattended Death
Helping Hand Restoration provides 24-hour rapid response to the cleanup of bodily fluids and blood borne pathogens resulting from a murder, suicide and unattended death. We are experts in eliminating odors cased by human decomposition.

For immediate service call:
602-95-FLOOD (602-953-5663)

Murders, suicides, tragic accidents and traumatic, unpredictable occurrences require that somebody take on the task of cleaning up the crime scene after a police investigation. If one’s home, office or business has been affected by a violent crime, trauma, or accident, blood and fluid needs to be cleaned-up as quickly as possible. Helping Hand Restoration’s trauma scene clean-up experts are licensed, certified, bonded and insured in Arizona.

Common clean-up scenes include: death resulting from a homicide, suicide, natural occurrences, or accidental death. These types of clean-ups require special equipment that helps in restoring a room, apartment, house, or business back to its pre-incident state.
This equipment includes:

Protective gear – a non-porous, one-time-use suit, gloves, filtered respirators and chemical-spill boots.
Biohazard waste containers – 55-gallon heavy-duty bags and sealed, hard-plastic containers.
Traditional cleaning supplies – Mops, buckets, spray bottles, sponges, brushes, etc.
Our trauma scene cleaning supplies include:

Ozone machine (kills mold or removes strong odors).
Foggers (to thicken a cleaning chemical so it can get all the way into tight places like air ducts, (dispenses sanitizes and deodorizes)
Hospital-grade disinfectants i.e., bleach and hydrogen peroxide.
Industrial-strength deodorizers and cleaning chemicals
Enzyme solvent (to kill bacteria and viruses and liquefy dried bodily fluids).
No-touch cleaning system (to clean blood-coated surfaces from a safe distance — includes heavy-duty sprayer, long scrubbing brush, wet vacuum)
Razor blades (to cut out portions of carpet)
Truck-mounted water extraction equipment.
Chemical treatment tank.
Carpentry/restoration tools – sledgehammers, saws, spackle, paint brushes
Camera (to take before-and-after shots for insurance purposes)
Van / truck for transporting equipment needed for cleanup and hauling waste to disposal site after the trauma scene clean-up.
We understand that a death scene clean up has to be truly clean, not just a surface clean. Blood borne pathogens and any bodily fluids, which remain in floors, carpet, baseboard, or walls, can cause serious infections and diseases. Helping Hand takes every necessary precaution to ensure you and your properties are safe and protected from harm.

A crime scene cleaning process can take up to 40 hours depending on the amount of hazardous material at the site. Our cleaners use a hospital grade disinfectant to wipe and scrub every affected surface, including counters, ceilings, walls, light fixtures, family pictures, artwork, and appliances.

In the unfortunate event of a death, trauma scene; we remove blood stained floors, soiled carpet and upholstery, drapes, furniture and bedding immediately.

Helping Hand Restoration, Arizona’s unattended death, crime scene cleanup experts, can properly dispose of contaminated furniture, cabinetry, light fixtures, carpeting and electronics. Biohazard waste must be disposed of properly. Helping Hand Restoration, trauma scene cleaners are prepared to take on any job big, or small.

Our Helping Hand crime-scene cleaners have the appropriate permits to transport hazardous waste. We burn waste in a medical-waste incinerator. A crime scene cleanup service is usually covered under homeowner’s or businesses insurance. Our restoration trauma scene clean-up company can assist in the proper filing of insurance paperwork for our clients.