We Find, Kill and Remove Mold.

Mold may pose health concerns to the health of family member or an employee. Mold can spread throughout a building or home quickly and undetected. Helping Hand Arizona mold inspection and removal contractors find, kill and remove toxic mold growth.

There is moisture seething into an environment from somewhere and our job is to locate that moisture and repair the situation quickly and efficiently.

Mold can result from leaking roof tops, moisture and condensation in buildings walls, damp musty basements, kitchen appliances, and a homes bathroom venting and leaky ducts.

Mold growth is found under carpets, on ceilings, behind wallpaper, also in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. Invisible mold grows in crawl spaces, walls, and under floor boards. Health complaints are a sure sign that mold may be spreading.

Whirlpools, hot-tubs, humidifiers, un-vented combustion heaters, fireplaces, and showers can create indoor moisture resulting in mold growth and serious health problems.

Helping Hand Restoration Arizona mold remediation experts can inspect water-damage and properly remediate your home.

Outdoor, Indoor & Post Remediation air samples.

Visual Inspection

Our highly trained mold removal technicians complete a thorough visual inspection looking for any signs of water damage and microbial growth.

Signs of water damage include: staining, swelling, peeling, bubbling etc. We contain mold and stop it from spreading into uncontaminated areas. We then remove the mold and clean out the area, to protect against future mold infestations.

Moisture Inspection

Moisture meters are indispensable weapons in our high-tech moisture mapping arsenal. Helping Hand can find and identify wet areas in a home that are unseen by the naked eye. We use two types of moisture meters, penetrating and non-penetrating.

Penetrating moisture meters are used to secure accurate moisture content readings deep inside walls, sub floors and other structural materials.

Non Penetrating hand held moisture meters are non-invasive and are used to obtain moisture readings up to 5/8th inch deep in building materials, including drywall, wood, plaster and concrete, without causing damage.

Particle Scan

Our mold inspection experts use laser particle scanners to determine levels of mold spore counts in the air without damaging wall or ceiling cavities.

Particle scanners are generally used to determine if significant differences exist in the total number of suspended particles in the ambient air ranging from .3 to 10 micron when compared to other areas within the structure as well as outside.

Typically, when a mold problem exists within a confined space, the ambient air will contain far more particulates in the 5 to 10 micron range when compared to unaffected areas as well as outside.

Air Samples

Post Remediation air samples are taken after the mold remediation is completed to confirm that the remediation was successful and that the structure is cleared for occupancy.