Mold Remediation

Arizona Mold Remediation / Mold Removal / Mold Cleanup

Mold Remediation is a service that no homeowner or business owner or employer looks forward to experiencing.  Mold Remediation is equally disruptive to businesses and homes as it requires removal of structural components and the subsequent replacement of the materials to fully restore the structure.

Many instances of mold remediation can be avoided by simply giving a little thought and attention to water sources such as supply lines to toilets and sinks or the dishwasher and washing machine. To ignore the slightest leak, is to open the door and invite mold growth to occur. When a leak remains active for an extended period, mold remediation will become an absolute necessity.

Within a home or business, uncontrolled  moisture, whether it is in the form of water or high humidity,  may quickly result in a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Exposure to mold and inhalation of mold spores at extreme levels may be a significant source of allergy type symptoms and illness.

Mold and microbial growth requires more than demolition. To be considered a successful project it is critical that the owner and contractor fully understand that health concerns and claims may remain if the contractor fails or is disallowed to fully identify and eliminate all mold growth and high humidity and/or moisture sources.

As an experienced contractor, we provide thorough mold inspections and sampling strategies to identify the air quality based upon the mold spore counts found in the ambient air at the time of sampling and within the area tested.

We have the expertise required to address the myriad legitimate concerns that coexist with mold.  We don’t use scare tactics or sensationalism  to generate unnecessary work and expenses.

We work with businesses, homes and schools to  provide mold inspections, and clean-up and removal as needed.

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Black Mold Removal

Helping Hand Restoration as Arizona’s, on-site, first-choice for mildew and mold remediation.

We offer professional mold removal, drying and moisture control to businesses, schools and homes found to have ‘black mold’.

Our mold inspection process determines the extent of mold growth and contamination. Through the use of investigative tools and tremendous experience,  the amount of remediation work necessary for restoration is determined.

We utilize the latest techniques and equipment to properly remove and clean an area impacted by unwanted microbial, (especially mold) growth. Removal of materials is most often conducted within a cleaning chamber surrounded by plastic barriers.

Through the use of negative air pressure differential machines and HEPA Filtration equipped air scrubbers,  dust and mold spores are confined and controlled allowing for complete clean up without cross contaminating adjoining areas.

There Are No Shortcuts

The entire contaminated area must be completely contained to prevent cross contamination of adjoining area by mold spores. Clean up and remediation procedures should be performed within the cleaning chamber.

Helping Hand carefully follows the recommended guidelines established by the IICRC, the EPA and the New York City Department of Health.

Improper procedures and untrained workers may lead to contamination of areas not previously affected.

Facing Health Related Claims?  

Employees Suffering From Sick Building Syndrome?

Claims  of serious health problems and sick building syndrome related to exposure to mold is a very serious and often times challenging situation.  The situation can be addressed quickly and appropriately by calling the right company that is experienced and can avoid the pitfalls that plague such situations.

When facing a claim of ill health due to exposure, we encourage you to deal directly with this significant challenge and eliminate the specter of unknown liabilities by teaming up with Helping Hand.

Choose Wisely When Selecting A Quality Firm to Investigate Sick Building Syndrome Claims. 

Together, we will share our knowledge and design the proper course of action and eliminate any cause of concern found to be contributing to the reports.

Encapsulation of Wall Studs and Reconstruction.

If needed, a final step in a mold remediation project involves the application of an encapsulant to wallstuds following HEPA vacuuming, and wiping all surfaces.

Do I Need Sampling After The Remediation Is Completed?

Upon completion, post remediation air samples are typically taken to assure the area has been completely cleaned and restored to normal background levels.

Upon achieving all goals related to air quality and spore counts from the lab analysis, the project is then ready for reconstruction and remodeling.

Call us today and you will be relieved to learn that we do not use fear based marketing tactics.

Unlike the numerous charlatans that continue to exist in this industry and  thrive by exploiting the individuals fears held by many over the alleged consequences related to exposure to mold, we will not make absurd comments.

We will not make false statements to create an unnecessary urgency for services. We absolutely attempt to diffuse the most common perceptions and erroneous beliefs existing as a result of much sensationalism and hysteria found in the media and on the internet.

Choose a licensed contractor to work with on your next project involving mold exposure.