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A water loss containing raw sewage is literally in a class of its own. Raw sewage has been known to cause serious health problems brought on by toxic inhalation, hand to mouth, open cuts and even sores. If your home has sustained water damage caused by flooding, a sewer backing-up, pipes breaking and sewage leaking; Arizona Helping Hand sewage removal experts, can prevent any further losses and damage to your property. Our emergency sewage cleanup services will help restore your home to its original state.

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If you are a public building, risk management and loss prevention are critical when water pipes and structural water damage is discovered. Removal of sewage back flow causing structural damage is our specialty. Termed “black water”, raw sewage contains numerous air and blood borne pathogens capable of causing severe adverse health effects.

Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria are present by the millions in this grossly unsanitary water, as well as E coli bacteria abound. When dealing with this type of water loss, state and local regulations regarding proper sewage removal and handling must be followed carefully. In addition, OSHA mandates that all workers must be equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as HEPA filtered respirators, eye and hand protection and protective suits.

Helping Hand sewage removal and water restoration serving Phoenix, Arizona, restores and mitigates sewage leaks and blockages, floating debris from sewer overflows, structural collapses leading to sewage backups, brown water complaints and harmful contamination.

There are 3 different types of water loss to be aware of: Clean water, gray water and black water.

The worst sewage problem being “black water loss” can be traumatic, unsanitary and infectious, posing an immediate threat to human health. If you are experiencing brown water waste problem, foul water problem or sewage problem, call Helping Hand Restoration to mitigate and restore your property from black water damage.

“Gray water loss” can result from an aquarium tank, appliance waste line that may be clogged, a broken waterbed or a broken toilet drain overflow. These types of water loss contain harmful chemicals, contaminates or bio-pollutants such as; fungi, bacteria, viral and algae which cause illness and disease. If not treated immediately grey water will turn into black water.

“Clean water loss” can result from broken water pipe lines, appliance water lines, sink and tub overflow, broken toilets, and even rainwater. Materials that sewage comes in contact with must be removed and disposed of, sometimes including irreplaceable heirlooms.

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