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Water damage can cause devastating damage to ones home. If you have a flood or water damages emergency contact Helping Hand Fire and water restoration immediately at 480-704-4291. Flood water is a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and deadly toxic mold. If you have a question for our experts please submit your question either by posting it to this open restoration forum or sending Helping Hand Restoration an e-mail to: info@

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How Do I Get Pet Urine Out Of My Carpet?

Is there a home remedy for cleaning dog urine from carpets? Our dog has urinated all over and marked his territory, the smell and stains from carpets and rugs have dried up.

Pet odor cleaning

Judy Bock 480 241 2332 Do you have experience with pet odor cleaning and do you offer this type of service? If not do you have anyone that you would recommend? Thank you

Asbestos Tile Removal

We had water in our basement last week and the insurance company called out Service Master to get it cleaned up. They removed the carpeting, wood, and laminate flooring and found a tile floor underneath that. Some of the tiles have been damaged and some are missing from the removal of the other flooring. I had a flooring expert come out and he said it is asbestos tile. My insurance company sounds like they just want to lay new carpet over the tile floor. Is this the correct way to do this or should we have the tile floor removed before we lay new carpet?

Mold Growth Lakeside Arizona

I had a mold inspection done by a certified mold remediation company (not yours) 18 months ago which came back clear and clean. Now I am told that the same structure is seriously contaminated with mold. My question is this: Can mold spread and grow from nothing to catastrophic contamination that quickly? Could the company have made a calculation error and missed the original problem? I would appreciate your response. Regardless of the answer I will need to be properly removed and will contact your company for that job shortly. Thank you. Linda Lane
Fire Restoration Odor
Unfortunately it was on for hours, ran out of water and flled the whole floor with smoke. The restoration company put a fan in my unit that sprayed a lemon scented product for 3 days. The unit smelled like a can of lemon pledge exploded. Then they brought in an ionizer for 3 days. The unit still has the lemon pledge smell. It’s attached it self to everything. Any suggestions?
Can mold be completely eradicated?
If you do a MAJOR mold remediation, is it guaranteed to be permanently gone? Is there a warranty?
Flooring Contractor Wont Install Hardwood Floors Because of Existing Pet Stains
I had a home improvement retailer give me a quote on my living room hardwood installation. We have a dog and that’s left the carpet thrashed. I got an estimate back for $3000 just to do the installation. Not the pulling of the carpet…I figured my husband and I would do that ourselves. I was talking to a friend and they mentioned that this particular home improvement contractor would not lay the floor if there were existing pet stains. Is that something that is universal among flooring installation contractors or is that just this particular home improvement contractor. If it is, what can we do to remove those stains?
Death in rental unit.
What are your service fees? Thanks.
Fire Insurance Coverage – Does It Cover Water and Smoke Damage?
We have had a fire that damaged our kitchen walls and flooring. Lets just say that the fireman were not to gentle in putting out the fire. Does our homeowners insurance cover smoke and water damage affected areas along with fire damage?
Controlling Mold Growth
How do I control mold growth in my home? Is this something I can do on my own or should I hire a mold remediation company.
Insurance Restoration Work VS. Home Improvement
Do you do insurance restoration work and home improvement work? I think there’s supposed to be a difference…
Do You Do Kitcken Bathroom Flooring. What Are The Flooring Options?
I’m getting ready to remodel my home and found your website on Google. I noticed Helping Hand does flooring. What types of flooring do you have. I’m interested in most of the rooms in my home. I need to install new flooring in the kitchen, living room, bathrooms and bedrooms.
My carpet has been flooded. Can My Carpet Be Saved?
My carpet has been flooded by a water leak and I just don’t know what to do. Should I try to save the carpet? Is there a way to dry it from the flooding? What are my options?
Crime Scene Cleanup? What Exactly Will You Do?
Can you give me a bit more information on the types of crime scene cleanup that you all do?
Mold Cleanup Water Damage
Is it true mold can cause upper respiratory infections, asthma, allergies and skin rashes. I also heard it rots wood and other materials. Im concerned i had a water leak in my home and cleaned up as much as I can myself. However, I can still smell a dampness. I’m really worried. What do you suggest?

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