Sewage Removal Restoration Service

Arizona Sewage Removal, Restoration, Clean-ups and Extraction Services A water loss containing raw sewage is literally in a class of its own. Raw sewage has been known to cause serious health problems brought on by toxic inhalation, hand to mouth, open cuts and even sores. If your home has sustained water damage caused by flooding, a sewer backing-up, pipes breaking and sewage leaking; Arizona Helping Hand sewage removal experts, can

Mold Inspection And Testing

We Find, Kill and Remove Mold. Mold may pose health concerns to the health of family member or an employee. Mold can spread throughout a building or home quickly and undetected. Helping Hand Arizona mold inspection and removal contractors find, kill and remove toxic mold growth. There is moisture seething into an environment from somewhere and our job is to locate that moisture and repair the situation quickly and efficiently. Mold can

Fire Restoration Service Available!

Arizona homes and businesses, victims of fire damage, can count on Helping Hand Fire and water restoration, 24/7 emergency service contractors for help. Ravenous by nature, fire for a homeowner can lead to depression and elevated levels of distress. Our job is to relieve some of that stress and return a damaged home or business to its original state. We provide reliable, responsive Phoenix fire restoration services. Its destructive mission is

Smoke Damage & Fire Cleanup

For Immediate Fire Clean-up / Smoke Damage: 602-95-FLOOD (602-953-5663) FIRE & SMOKE CLEANUP !!! Smoke Damage & Fire Restoration water damage restoration 24/7 service.. If your home has suffered extensive smoke damage after a fire; call Helping Hand Restoration, Arizona’s fire and smoke residential & commercial construction contractors to survey the damage and give you an honest estimate. Helping Hand Restoration works around the clock to clean up water, soot

Ask a Restoration Expert?

Water damage can cause devastating damage to ones home. If you have a flood or water damages emergency contact Helping Hand Fire and water restoration immediately at 480-704-4291. Flood water is a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and deadly toxic mold. If you have a question for our experts please submit your question either by posting it to this open restoration forum or sending Helping Hand Restoration an e-mail to: