Helping Hand Fire and water restoration
Arizona homes and businesses, victims of fire damage, can count on Helping Hand Fire and water restoration, 24/7 emergency service contractors for help.

Ravenous by nature, fire for a homeowner can lead to depression and elevated levels of distress. Our job is to relieve some of that stress and return a damaged home or business to its original state. We provide reliable, responsive Phoenix fire restoration services.

Its destructive mission is to consume the entire structure, devouring the prized personal possessions of its victims as it engulfs the once safe haven of home and causing both loss and damage to ones possessions. Helping Hand Fire and Water Restoration Services help Arizona victims recover from the damages left behind after a fire.

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Flammable Liquids / Oil Fire

From minor smoke damage to complete loss of structure, fire damage may leave victims anxious and often traumatized. The devastating results from damage caused by fire or smoke can cause untold suffering to those affected, in addition to complete disruption of customary daily routine. Each situation is unique, possibly having long lasting effects in personal and financial affairs. Many victims lack a sound basis for making decisions on how to proceed with restorative efforts of their home or business.

In determining individual restoration needs, several factors must be considered prior to recovery efforts. How severe is the loss? When evaluating treatment options, what results can be reasonably expected? Each year, billions of dollars in claims are filed as a result of homes and businesses damaged or lost to the ravages of fire.

In the past, salvageable contents and materials have been deemed a loss and thrown away. Today, however, a quality Arizona restoration company can restore many of these items to their pre-loss condition. This not only minimizes cost, it also helps to ease the weight of anxiety on the home or business owner.

As a licensed, bonded and insured Arizona contractor, Helping Hand Fire and Water Restoration has maintained leadership in the restoration industry by providing state-of-the-art equipment and the latest advanced training for our highly skilled technicians. We offer 24 hour emergency services from courteous, honest and understanding professional who help and support our clients through their time of need.